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Welcome to Buteyko4Asthma

 Welcome to   Buteyko4Asthma 

we are professionally trained, experienced practitioners working full-time in Buteyko, offering you 

 Buteyko breathing retraining Workshops  


Central London and Stratford-upon-Avon

 and Individual One2One Buteyko online worldwide Skype courses ......arrange your Buteyko breathing re-training lessons at times to suit yourself !

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KEY TAKEAWAYS from your Buteyko breathing re-training Workshop.... 


Reduction or elimination of asthma/hay-fever symptoms and need for Reliever medication

Reduction in snoring - reduced need for CPAP machine

Balancing of metabolism and normalisation of weight

Reduction in anxiety/panic attacks

Improved mood, concentration and thinking

Reduced reactvity to triggers (stress, fur/feathes/pollen or food intolerances)

Improved physical exercise ability

Improved ability to relax

Normalisation of sleep patterns - quiet, restful sleep

Improved digestion and ability to enjoy food


Clinically Trialled results with Asthma

50% less coughing, wheezing and breathlessness within two weeks

90% less need for reliever medication

50% less need for preventer medication within three to six months


come and find out what Buteyko can do for you  ....


What Buteyko does

Most people think they breathe shallowly and people suffering from disordered breathing patterns will tell you they often cannot get enough air in or out. Their breathing centre has re-set itself so that they are, in fact, breathing up to three or more times the normal volume. This leads to protective mechanisms in the body producing changes manifesting as uncomfortable, sometimes life-threatening symptoms.

Dr Buteyko discovered how to restore health by using a series of special breathing exercises and techniques which he developed and tested over many years, to retrain the complex involuntary mechanisms governing our breathing. This moves the breathing from the state of Chronic Hidden Hyperventilation or (overbreathing) to nearer normal, in the process reducing unpleasant symptoms and reducing the need for allopathic medication.

Our course - who can benefit from it?

Our breathing re-training course is suitable for children from 5 years of age and adults of any age. Skype courses work best for children under 10. 

Buteyko has been clinically proven to provide significant benefits for people with all types and degrees of severity of asthma, other respiratory disorders such as emphysema and sinusitis, for Hyperventilation Syndrome or panic attacks and for conditions such as sleep apnoea and snoring. It is very beneficial for people wishing to improve their sports performance or breathing generally.

What you learn

The Method is taught on an individual assessment basis, either in a small group or on one-to-one basis. Your practitioner will identify each patient's respiratory pattern, symptoms and conditions to enable her to devise an individualised programme of breathing re-training exercises, including pranayama yoga exercises and a special BreathWatching exercise for deep relaxation, if appropriate and desired.   As the response to breathing retraining is rapid, the Method is taught in four/five seminars of 1-2 hours.  

The course is followed-up on an individual basis to ensure the client's correct practice of the core techniques and to allow for ongoing assessment and adjustment of the exercise programme to individual needs. Improvements start to occur within 24 hours.

Laura's story

 Laura Bierer-Nielsen (17)          Wandsworth, London

BRONCHIAL ASTHMA -   (chronic, brittle, since childhood)

Sunday 5 January 2014

I have had asthma since I was one, and it has been gradually getting worse over the years. In the past year, I have been having regular attacks, and during my exam times I was on nebulisers every 4 hours.

Doing Buteyko with Linda Meads using Skype lessons for over a month now, has significantly changed my life.

With the co-operation of my GP and consultant I have managed to come off almost all my asthma medication, only using one of my  original 6 medications.  This has given me hope that my asthma will never get to the point where I will need a nebuliser again.  I have only needed to use my reliever inhaler (Ventolin) twice in the past two weeks, which is a massive change.  Breathlessness was controlled with the Buteyko strategies.

My sleep patterns have just about regulated, my stress levels have reduced and my overall wellbeing has improved.  This is fantastic!

UPDATE - Tuesday 14 January 2014

I have just had a cold normally this would lead to asthma. For the first time in years I have managed to shake this off by taking things easy and continuing with my Buteyko exercise regime.  Amazingly I have not had to use any Reliever medication or increase my steroid medication at all.  Back to school in 2 days!


Laura Bierer-Nielsen               14 January 2014


On this website you will find information on the Buteyko Method, our courses and what the drug- free Russian breathing method will do for you.

Buteyko is not just a highly effective treatment for asthma, it can be used for any breathing related illness.  Professor Buteyko identified over 150 illnesses that can be resolved by correcting the breathing, including

childhood & adult onset asthma/hayfever      allergies             snoring/sleep apnoea 
emphysema        migraine         bronchiectasis  ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Are you an asthmatic and concerned about the long-term use of drugs and their side effects?

Have you an asthmatic child and are worried that they maybe on asthma medication for the rest of their lives?

Do you sometimes feel that you are taking more medication now than you have ever done?

Would you like to reduce your medication, and possibly eliminate it altogether?

Would you like to have a better quality of life?

Are you looking for a natural way to combat your asthma, sleep apnoea, snoring, migraine and stress-related symptoms?

If you have answered 'Yes' to any of these questions..... then please explore this website to discover and learn more about this drug-free therapy. Find out how you can experience

  • quiet, refreshing sleep.
  • feelings of calm and well-being.
  • increased energy, vitality and
  • improved physical performance.
  • natural reduction in need for medication
  • easy gentle breathing.
  • safe, gradual, elimination of symptoms

click here........... to find out the benefits of taking a Buteyko breathing retraining course in a group rather than one2one.  Then you can make an informed decision!

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